(This prayer has obtained the Imprimatur
on 28th October 2005)

Oh God, You love the lost son and welcome in Your
fatherly arms those who convert and return to You.
With faith I plead You: please welcome this Act of Love and abandonment in Your divine Mercy and let it be beneficial to the Church and to the world.


This prayer, though short, is truly an Act of Love and a prayer of redemption, of which men and women of today have an urgent need! Also, it can become our simple prayer for the Church and the whole world.

What is an Act of Love? Where do we go and what do we get? It is very much like a tree of life: it enhances love for anyone who repeats it, and makes us feel the nearness of Jesus who is redemption for each one of us. The words of the prayer of Act of Love are very few, but the content is so intense; this invocation is about the key points of the divine Revelation in Jesus Christ: the love of God that demands to be met and the pleading of mercy for everyone, in close solidarity with the countless needs of the world.
To repeat the Act of Love, or equivalent expressions such as “My God, I love you! Have mercy on Your children, have mercy on Your people, as well as those who are far away, the whole world and I. It is like raising a “New Chant” to God (Jdt 16,13), so as to obtain the balm of forgiveness and mercy on the whole world.

This “Cry of love” helps us to develop within the church the intercession for all men: it makes us like “props” of a loving remedial for the world, leading us to watch and pray for the fate of all mankind.
You can say “Oh My God, I love you” only if you let yourself be guided by the consciousness that God’s love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit that was given to us (Rm 5,5). The request for forgiveness is based both on the truth of God’s mercy and on the realistic outlook of what we are and what we see around us.
This prayer will make us partakers of the life of the brothers, where with Christ and in Christ we can take responsibility for the pains of mankind and share in the crying, the sins and loss, and offer them as sacrifice to obtain the Father’s Mercy.

Throughout the prayer “My God, I love You! Have mercy on us and the whole world!” we will quickly reach the “heart” of all the events of the mankind and of our own lives. “God is Love”(Jn 4,8) and “did everything with wisdom and love” (Eucharistic Prayer IV); our existence has been willed by His Love and how much we are allowed to enjoy the universe comes from His Love.
We will try to make this “Cry of Love” even more ardent and convincing, and we welcome these treasures and respond to Him with the best of what he has given us: the ability to love! Thus our life, even if hidden and perhaps seemingly insignificant, will achieve its purpose and will become an asset, way beyond what it may seem.

It would be very nice indeed if in the vortex of our days we could “take off” (Lk 5,4) with the raising of Act of Love for God in the world, because every Act of Love and asking for “mercy” from God for the sake of mankind, is a real resurrection for us and for many others. If we raise this “Cry of Love” with the compassion of Christ for his brothers, he will cover us with the merits of Jesus and make us capable of knocking at His door of Mercy in order to convert his children. This prayer is so small, but is as wide as the world and as intense as that of a humble heart in love with God!

The thought of our shortcomings, our infidelities should not prevent us from expressing our Act of Love for God…indeed, the memory of our miseries must urge us, because “forgiveness is given to those who love much” (Lk 7,47). The frequent repetition of the Act of Love can give a valid meaning to all those moments that we feel dull, heavy: such as the interminable waits at the counter or to get an answer, the queue to get on the bus, etc.

What we daily call routine regarding the many things we do sometimes seems to overwhelm us, but if we can pray in the vortex of our commitments with the Act of Love that asks for mercy for all, we will not remain overwhelmed by the tangle of things and we will be able to bring light into the world. Through this small, humble, “Cry of Love” we will bring ourselves back to the “point of strength” of our lives: God and mankind to be delivered to His Merciful Love. The Lord is waiting for this prayer and tightens the soul that recites to himself, and with help of Mary, we try to repeat it every day.
Let us see ourselves as guardians of each other, trying to become with God’s help, a “hearth”, a source of strength always alive to pray for all and in the name of everyone.

Today many argue and do analysis on the fate of the world, many live badly and possessed by evil, but those who become assiduous in praying the Act of Love for all God’s children an effective position will arise: working immediately for the good of the mankind and in contrast against evil, which apparently seems to be winning.

Those who make this prayer their own and recite it with conviction put themselves in the position taken by David versus Goliath: security that comes from faith “in the name of the LORD”(1 Sam 17,45), regardless of the arrogance of those who ignore God and push down their brothers and sisters.

To love by asking for “mercy” is the “good news” for our troubled times giving us the freshness that renews, purifies and invokes all those who no longer recognize the Lord of life! The Act of Love is the gem of resurrection because love purifies and covers a multitude of sins (Pt 4,8). It is the cry of God’s people. It is the cry of the Prophets and friends of God who invoke compassion on the whole human family. It is the prayer proclaimed to the world and for the world, whose vibrations take a self-sacrificing and repairing resonance in Christ. (Jn 17)

Today, in our own lives, redemption should be the truest song of love, because we feel the most urgent need for it!

The Act of Love is a treasure that we can bring in and can shape all of our days, a treasure that should not be kept hidden, as did the servant who received the one talent (Mt 25,14-30; Lk 19,11-27). The Act of Love, that asks God for mercy in the world, ought to be communicated to others – where as it is possible – as a valuable asset that many persons have already experienced.

May Mary, who “kept in her heart” the words and events of salvation (Lc2, 19 and 51), help us to be diligent spreading the Act of Love.

Through this prayer, a movement of redemptive souls is being formed. We can all be part of it if we so desire. The contemporary times we live in indicates the urgency of this Act of Love and the Lord wishes us to act accordingly.

Suor Lina Iannuzzi

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